Hobart is a small city in Tasmania with plenty of attractions and ideas for tourists. If you are looking to de-stress and clear your mind to help with your mental health, then Hobart is a place you should go and visit. Perhaps, the advantage of visiting this beautiful Island that has a population of less than 217,000 is to savour its hidden treasures, and some of the best hotels are in Tasmania. So, here are few of Tasmania and Hobart’s hidden treasures that will help heal your soul and ensure you return feel fresh when you return to reality.

Explore Mount Wellington

Holidaymakers, hikers, and mountain climber try to attain the summit of Mount Wellington every year. It only takes thirty minutes from Mount Wellington to Hobart’s Murray Street. The view of Hobart’s skyline from the peak of its 4265-foot mountain is breathtaking. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice mountaineer, the walking tracks will guide you to Mt. Wellington’s pinnacle where the city’s beautiful scenery beckons.
Colonial Architecture: As the biggest city in Tasmania, Hobart’s elevation over sea level is 19 meters. It allows pedestrians and passengers to see its captivating architecture and historic landscape. As you stroll the streets of Hobart, the Victorian and Georgian era architecture gives the city a historic appeal.

Visit the Getaway Boat Harbor Beach

Every beach-goer is thrilled by the sight of breathtaking getaway beaches, which is why visiting a luxury resort in Tasmania, by the water would be fantastic for your mental health. This little beach is a delight during summer seasons because of its stunning views. As the Boat Harbor Beach lines the shore, it creates a comfortable environment for relaxation. Its pristine white sands and blue waters are some of Boat Harbor Beach’s hidden treasures. Also, this getaway beach has restaurants that serve spicy, grilled fish and caf├ęs for cold drinks. Don’t forget to visit the surf club where you can enjoy some outdoor moments while staring at the rock pools.

Enjoy the Atmosphere Around Hobart’s Historic Waterfront

Salamanca Place is famous in Hobart because of its historic buildings, but it’s a short distance from the waterfront. At night, the aesthetic beauty of Hobart’s historic waterfront and picturesque waterways will amaze first-time visitors. As you wander through this Southern Ocean’s front, you will see the docks that are filled with yachts. Usually, Hobart’s yacht race takes place at this historic waterfront every year. Chefs and fishmongers are some of the most essential service providers on Hobart waterfront too. They provide fresh Tasmanian seafood that makes you want to explore the beautiful waterfront again. Indulging in great food without a worry in the world, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Salamanca Arts Centre

There are ergonomically designed handcrafts at the Hammer and Hand Workshop in Salamanca Arts Centre. Apart from this workshop where tourists buy crafts from self-employed artists, there are galleries and studios with contemporary art at the Centre. In Hobart, Salamanca Arts Centre is a favourite place that supports local talents. It has commercial galleries that display eccentric works of sculpture, fine art, and metalwork. Also, you can buy a range of jewellery, souvenirs, and handcrafted leather accessories. Since 1994, Hobart has been receiving visitors that are avid collectors of local art and crafts.

Enjoy Vintage Wine and Beer

There’s a brewing company in Hobart where you can drink undiluted, craft beer from the source directly. You can also visit Sullivans Cove Whisky if your taste buds can withstand the mild flavour of vintage spirits. These are some of the hidden treasures of Hobart that has existed since the medieval era. The tale of Tasmania’s historic whiskey industry is better experienced by taking distillery tours when you visit. Alternatively, Lark and Nant distilleries also serve original whiskey that is well-preserved in barrels. It will be interesting to visit one of Australia’s oldest brewery that has seen many generations in Hobart.

There you have it, some of the greatest and unique places to go and visit in Tasmania, Hobart. After even a weekend away in these beautiful locations, you should feel better. Trips away are always good for mental health as the stress and struggles of work and life every day can be a lot to handle and become overwhelming. So, take some time for yourself once in a while.