Our life during this time in isolation brings with it many challenges, and one of those is keeping our beauty routine going whilst salons and clinics are closed. Your skin may be used to regular procedures such as facials or dermal fillers, so you will really notice the difference when those treatments are not available. However, being able to keep your face supple and glowing at home is actually very easy if you are aware of simple tips and procedures. 

Keeping your face cleansed is very important and requires daily skincare methods. It’s important to also be aware that if you strip your face of dirt and makeup to often, your skin may produce excessive oil and can cause acne outbreaks. 

To keep your face beautiful and nourished, we recommend the following steps:

Start by identifying your skin type, whether it is oily, dry or sensitive. Once you know this you will be able to understand the right facial routine to follow. If you happen to have ‘combination skin’ which is a combination of all the above types, then you can choose a routine that suits either of the methods. 

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Clean the skin.

Start by cleaning your skin with a cleanser that suits your skin type, and make sure this cleanser doesn’t make your face either of the extremes of very dry or very oily. After you wash your face with the cleanser, gently give your face a press with a towel soaked in lukewarm water, this will help your pores to open up and breath ahead of the next steps of your facial procedure.

Apply honey and lemon.

Following your hot towel press, apply a raw honey and lemon mixture to your face. Start with massaging it on to your forehead and on to your neck. This combination works great, as lemon helps to tighten your pores, while honey keeps your skin supple and moisturised. Honey aids in the removal of scars, especially acne scars. Once you have completed applying the mixture onto your face, go ahead and massage around your eyes in a circular motion following both clock and anti-clockwise direction, thereby giving a gentle stimulation to blood circulation in your face. A regular massage in your face helps reduce puffiness, and increased blood circulation, making your skin look great! It won’t be as powerful and effective as fotona laser but will provide a temporary solution. Keep massaging for 2-3 minutes, after which gently wash the mixture off with lukewarm water.

Close the skin pores.

The next step is to apply ice cubes on your face, right after you have washed your face with lukewarm water. Ice cubes cause the pores on your face to tighten and reduce facial puffiness. Take an ice cube and start running it over your face, around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Glide it around your forehead and once the ice completely melts away, pat your face dry with a dry towel.

Exfoliate deeper. 

You should feel refreshed now, the next step is to exfoliate your skin at a deeper level, where you can use combinations of ingredients based on your skin type. Use oatmeal and honey for normal skin, honey, water and sugar for oily skin and honey, olive oil and almond powder for dry skin. Once the mixtures are applied, proceed to steam your face, exposing your skin to mild steam from a steamer the warm water vapors will hit your face and open your facial pores to drive the dirt away. Once your steam for 5 to 6 minutes, wipe your face dry of the sweat, water and dirt with a dry towel. For a next-level clean, you could wear a face mask that removes the chemicals and pollution and keeps your skin from aging and also nourish it.

Face mask.

To create your own face mask, choose the combination of ingredients that matches your skin type. Honey and yogurt mix for normal skin, and for oily skin opt for enriched mud and honey, and for dry skin mix banana mash and honey. Apply these face masks to your face for 20 to 30 mins, until they are semi-dry, then wash them away with cold water. 

The final step is to use a toner, which allows the pores to seal and doesn’t make your skin dry out. Pick a toner that suits your skin, and provides the best result for healthy skin. Finally moisturise your face with the combination of almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel to make your skin feel supple and moisturised. Now you should feel relaxed and refreshed!