woman doing yoga on rocks with ocean view

Some people will see exercises as a chore. Something that you should do is try and look at it differently. Researching the benefits of cardio exercises can give you more motivation, along with finding an exercise that you actually enjoy. There are so many ways that you can get your heart rate up and have a little fun along the way.

There are so many different ways to exercise to get your heart pumping. If you are just beginning to exercise, then you can do something that is easy and free. Go for a walk. Walking is a very overlooked exercise. People think that to exercise they are going to need a gym membership. This isn’t true you can get your heart on the road to health just by doing simple exercises at home or your local park without the need for a membership.

Aerobic exercise or cardio

Aerobic exercises work to strengthen the lungs and the heart while also aiding the body’s ability to use its oxygen. Aerobics exercises use a few of the large muscle groups which work well to get the blood moving around and increase the heart rate. When you are exercising at a consistent, increased and steady pace, it can have many different benefits for your health. 

It doesn’t matter whether your speed is going at a high or low intensity everyone can safely bike, dance, swim and jog. You can boost your feel-good chemicals that are called endorphins.

Strength training

person riding bikeThis is a form of exercise that is not just for massive bodybuilders. You can use weights or even your own body resistance which can help to build muscle and create a stronger heart. It will also aid at keeping osteoporosis at bay by strengthening your bones. Whether you are using free weights, planks, yoga, push-ups and pull-ups doing these exercises three times a week is beneficial for the heart as long as you alternate the muscle groups which allow your body to recover. When you are doing strength training, you are actually tearing the fibres of the muscle so they can repair themselves and end up stronger. This process can take 24 hours.

Water therapy

Get in the water and get that heart pumping. Doing water activities can be fun, and it will work well to get the blood flowing. It is low impact, so if you have medical issues like joint soreness etc. it can be a great way to keep active safely. Go with a friend and let the water do all the work for you.


Thinking about taking the Zen approach to getting the heart pumping? People think yoga is quiet and relaxing; it cannot raise the heart rate, but it actually can and is beneficial for your heart. Chuck, some favourite tunes into your player as music, can be a great motivator. Let the rhythm work with your body.

There are many different fitness groups some that even let you bring your kids and enjoy some work out time with the little ones. Don’t think of working out as a chore; it is a fun and uplifting way to better your mood and see your heart leading a happier and healthier life.