two types of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the third most frequent cancer in the united kingdom, according to Cancer Research UK, with over 46,000 people being diagnosed annually.

It is one of those catchy cancers which shows few symptoms in the early stages, meaning that by the time it’s diagnosed, it might be quite advanced.

Primary lung cancer is classed by the sort of cells in which cancer starts. Non-small-cell lung cancer is the most frequent form – it tends to account for around 80 per cent of all cases. The other type is less common – it’s known as small-cell lung cancer and spreads quicker than the other type of lung cancer.


Like many cancers, there are a few undetermined reasons, but the most common is smoking.

According to Cancer Research UK: Smoking causes almost 9 out of 10 cases (86 per cent).

Regarding lifestyle and diet, more work has to be done before conclusive findings are drawn.

However – a healthy lifestyle is critical because in the event you have lung cancer, your treatment and recovery will depend not just on the stage of disease but how good your overall health is.


If the problem is diagnosed early and the cancerous cells are confined to a small region, surgery to remove the affected area of the lung is usually suggested. If surgery is unsuitable because of your overall health, radiotherapy to destroy the cancerous cells may be recommended instead.

If the cancer has spread too far for surgery or radiotherapy to work, chemotherapy is usually used.

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