Children are known to go through trends and phases quite quickly.  This is a natural way childexplore as they grow. However, this can be a problem when it comes to decoratingtheir bedrooms. It can be costly and tiresome when you have to keep changing their room decorations to match their tastes.
Here we provide you with a few tips to help you design your child’sbedroom, so it can grow with them while still keeping their personal items that show their personality. This is of course under the assumption that this is going to be your home for the long term and you don’t intend to sell your own home any time soon.

Choose timeless furniture:

When you have a little child, it can be hard not to go out and buy all these cute little nursery items. However,spending money on these items can be a waste as children grow so fast and outgrow their bedroom furniture quickly. Within a few years,you will be back at the store buying more furniture to match their age. If you worry that its beyond your budget, there are various places where the needed furniture, maybe even in better quality, are available in garage sales, sold by the owner. Consider your options well to invest for your child’s future.
It’s a good idea to search for furniture that you can keep in the child’sbedroom for years to come.
Instead of buying a cupboard to store their furniturethat is a small size instead invest in a large cupboard that will last and store all their clothes as they age.
If you havethe room buying a double bed over a single can be a good idea as they can use the single bed while they are young then they can move to the double as they get older. The bedthat isn’t being used can work well for storage.

Invest in multifuction furniture

Buying furniture that can be used as a double duty serves well for growing children. Instead of buying a regular change table think about buying a desk that you can add a padded change mat toso you can use this as a change table then take the mat away and it can be used as a desk.
Beds with built-instorage, workwell for all ages. Little children need places to store their toys and teddies and teenagers need spots to store school work and hobby items.

Keep design elements in a neutral style

When it comes to a designby picking something neutral means it can be used for all ages. This works for furniture, paint colours, floor covering and the window coverings. Steer clear of painting walls a pink or blue instead opt for more neutralcolours like white and yellows.
When buying furniturebe sure to check the pricing and think about whether the priceis reasonable or too much for your budget. Spend less on accessories and the decorations as they these to end up outdated and you may need to replace them sooner than you think.

Use accessories to add personality

Your child’sroom should not lack accessories that bring out their personality. A childsbedroom is their own space and they should be encouraged to express who they are with items in their bedroom. Choose items to express their personalitiesthat are easier to replace and don’t cost a fortune. Items like cushions, throw rugs and statues or picture frames are easy to change when their personality changes. If children choose only a few little knickknacks for theirbedroom it will help to keep clutter to a minimum and make it easy to change things out when you need to.