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Magnesium is often an overlooked vitamin that is vital for our bodies. The vitamin is essential for the health of our bones as it makes up parts of your skeleton’s framework. Having magnesium in our body’s cells is vital; it is responsible for over 300 different factions within your body.

Our bodies need for magnesium is great; it helps our bodies become stronger, gives us a better ability to resist emotional and physical stress and helps us become more flexible.
The modern diet and lifestyles have made magnesium less rich in our bodies; we now have reduced levels than ever before.

Magnesium is a nutrient that is important for our bodies to support:

  • General wellness
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • Relaxation and better sleep quality
  • Reduction in fatigue and overall tiredness
  • Exercise and sports performance

Boosting your magnesium levels with different supplements helps to ensure that you keep a balanced and healthy body; however, the traditional forms of magnesium supplements can prove to be inconsistent in giving you the right levels of magnesium into your body.

Why use transdermal magnesium if I get magnesium from food?

It is possible to get magnesium from many sources; research has shown that most of us are eating magnesium-deficient diets, with having one in five getting less than the RDA for magnesium.
Oral supplementation is affected by different things in your stomach. The magnesium that is taken orally can have a laxative effect, so the ability to absorb the magnesium through your GI tract becomes limited by the short transit time.
Oral magnesium can be a hassle due to the amount that is needed for the proper dosage. The right magnesium amount is not added to multivitamins to reduce the dosage and size, as magnesium supplements can be significant in size.
These difficulties and the factors that can have a negative factor on the GI tract and how it absorbs magnesium.
From hormone replacement to anti-depressants people are now turning to transdermal medicine, either because they cannot swallow pills, they have read the benefits the tablets or the fact their digestive tracts may be impaired.

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Transdermal magnesium:

  • Convenient, effective, affordable and safe
  • Allows you to maximise the amount that you are getting each day without the after-effects like diarrhea, digestion and swallowing pills every day.
  • It is helpful with the pain, and it can be applied directly to the troubled area, often with immediate results. Waiting for it to travel through the GI tract will take longer.

If the molecule or the ion is small enough to pass through the porous surface of your skin, it will end up in your bloodstream. Transdermal magnesium takes advantage of the body’s largest organs absorptive properties when you either massage, soak or spray the magnesium.

The skin is a breathing living organ- being the most active organ to detox with the potential to re-mineralize the body. What do you get when you combine the human body’s skin a well-functioning organ with this vital mineral? A vibrant and healthy body that keeps on giving.

Evidence-Based Benefits of Magnesium

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Aids in preventing migraines
  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Improves PMS symptoms
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Benefits against type 2 diabetes
  • Boost exercise performance

There are so many benefits that show you should speak to your doctor and see just what transdermal magnesium can do for your health.