We all hate the thought of breaking old habits. It can seem like something we have to do if our bad habits are holding us back or having a negative impact on our lives. A habit is something we all have and simple means something we continuously do and find it hard to stop.

Breaking old habits can be done by taking small steps and letting yourself adjust to the change.

One of the best ways to break an old habit is not to focus on breaking the old habit instead focus on bringing new habits into your lifestyle that are positive and nourishing. You can then wean away from the old habit slowly as you get interested in and focused on the new habit. Once the old habits are not interesting anymore it will be easier to rid them from your life.

If you want to break some of your old habits here is a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Adding in new habits

First, start with creating a habit that is beneficial to your health and lifestyle. If you suddenly stop your old habit and don’t have something to replace it with you will find yourself revert back to old ways and lose all motivation to create a better lifestyle and eating habit. It is important to adopt a new habit and then try to follow up through with it in terms of gaining interest in the field and then distracting yourself from the lethargy that might pull you back down.

  • Start with small steps

Once you have decided on what your new habit is going to be you need to take a reality check and actually think about how much of time and effort it will be for you to make the change. If you feel you don’t have the motivation for such a big leap, then take small steps. You are more likely to take small goals that you can achieve rather than taking one big step and being unsuccessful. For example, many decide to start their own business at a point for smart and important investments and utilisation of their free time. Start with small steps, plan what your product or service is going to be. Conduct some small-scale market research. And then eventually enter the market at a steady pace to stay on the safer ends in terms of competence.

  • Don’t make excuses

It can be easy to find an excuse as to when you can start your healthier lifestyle. Instead of finding an excuse to start at a later date, turn things up and start now. Find several small things you can be doing daily and start them that day. Challenge yourself to start now then reward yourself when you have gone through with it the first day. It is essential to monitor your productivity with any activity that you’ve decided to pursue to appreciate how far you’ve come.

  • Avoid deviation

If you find yourself reverting back to your old ways instead of being negative towards yourself about it use it to your advantage. Recognise where you went wrong, figure out why you went wrong and use that to continue on and learn from it. Don’t choose to make it a sign to give up.

  • Make the process fun

The more fun you have the better you will enjoy it and the longer you will keep it up. Get friends and family involved in the challenge to spice things up a little. Make bets with your friends over who can run the furthest or who can eat the least calories for that day.

Make a list of the reason why you want to break the old habits and bring new positive vibes into your life. Refer back to this when you are having doubts or need some motivation to continue on.