Spas that provide on the guest experience and exceed customers’ expectations take into consideration not only what their customers are searching for, but what they may not have considered.  And although these quick tips might appear dull, our mystery shopping services have discovered that, even in spas with strong customer-centric practices in place, a little more attention is occasionally needed in these essential areas. Give your guests the luxury experience they’re looking for in a romantic getaway in Tasmania.

1. Don’t squander the call. Terrific news! You have got a new spa customer on the phone, and it is time to book their trip. Are they asking how customers heard about the spa if they have visited previously, what their preferences are and what their expectations may be? Are they explaining the remedies and offering a couple of different options should they apply? Are they telling these customers about related specials or add-ons into the treatment? The expert spa mystery shoppers in our community make countless calls to spas, and, sadly, this golden moment to create a better guest experience and more revenue for your spa is often wasted.


2. Day spa studies have indicated that lots of spa clients would like to book treatments online. Are you losing business by not supplying potential clients (or faithful ones) a way to click and book any time of night or day? Online booking might not be for each spa, but if it is, it may cause additional revenue and better guest experience for active customers. If it is not to your health spa, make the reservation procedure as customer-friendly and convenient as possible. This may give you valuable feedback and the chance to share more information and market more remedies.


3. Many spas have loyalty programs set up and find them valuable strategies to reward regular customers and garner those precious, word-of-mouth referrals. Take a fresh look at your programs. Think about giving incentives for followup or free treatments. Be sure to gather relevant information from customers (birthdays, anniversaries, parties ) so that you could adequately offer them the remedies they’d most enjoy, and at the right times.

4. Do not overlook the test out. Code-referred mystery shoppers report that they have seen clients leave spas that are clearly on edge or not delighted with a remedy. However, the spa receptionist and front desk workers happily sent them on their way. If guests are permitted to leave your spa unhappy, they will probably never return or refer anyone else to your spa.


5. Sometimes the only way to understand if your spa is implementing the criteria that you have carefully set is to test them on a regular basis. Consider trying a mystery shopping program that Coyle layouts or create a spa audit of your own and use family and friends to implement it. A hospitality consulting company such as Coyle will help establish criteria to evaluate, objectively measure how these criteria are being completed, and help your spa concentrate on particular areas of weakness in the guest experience.

Do your research on the best resort day spa’s and take a leaf out of their book, try new treatments, include value-adds in customer service.  Luxury day spa is something guests look for on their holiday, ensure the luxury is emphasised in your hotel.