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Some things need to be accessed purely on the quality and the failure. When it comes to the gender of your baby and allowing parents the choice of their child, it means that there are ethical morals that need to be taken into account.

Choosing the gender of your baby is a gift when you take into account medically assisted conception, but when we start talking about natural pregnancy, the idea becomes argumentative. There is a lot of controversy surrounding gender selection, and it is certainly not new. While all the controversy goes on, there are still plenty of pros of undergoing the process of baby gender selection.

Here are some points and justifications as to why choosing the gender of your baby in 2019 is not a horrible thing to do.

Your family size

Many couples nowadays say they only want between one or two kids; Why? Because the cost of living nowadays has skyrocketed, and therefore it is cheaper to have fewer children than to have more. The most common thing when it comes to wanting a baby boy or girl is parents wanting one of each to complete their family. In their desperate attempt to have both genders people may keep trying and end up with three boys or three girls. Being able to undergo IVF sex selection means families are not left with more children than they had wanted.

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Preventing gender-related conditions

By choosing the gender of your baby, you can aid in preventing medical conditions that only affect a particular gender. For females, they could be wanting to prevent breast cancer or the male cancer gene for prostate cancer in males. Many other conditions may affect families and affect their decision; however, those were the most common.

Reducing the abortion rate

It isn’t just unplanned pregnancy that leads to abortion but also the gender of the child. Doctors have reported that parents were opting for abortion due to not wanting that gender. Gender selection means children are not being aborted due to the fact parents are getting the gender of their desire. It is heartbreaking to know that some couples do elect for an abortion because they do not want that particular gender. So, if we can reduce this percentage by allowing people to choose their baby’s gender, then why can’t it be that simple?

Your freedom to choose

It may not seem like freedom of choice for selecting the gender of your baby when looking right at the politically correct things to say. However, if you think about the fact of parents choosing the gender of their child, it is undoubtedly a desirable scenario. It should not be biased to select the sex of your baby. Determining the gender of your baby does not hurt anyone.


If the mother is set on one type of gender and she gets the other one, this is where we can see mothers suffering postpartum depression. It can be challenging for mothers to bond with their children.

While it sounds awful and all mothers should love their children no matter what this is not reality. PPD does happen, and it can see the children and mothers suffering due to not receiving the gender that was planned.

While there are mixed opinions as to whether people should be allowed to choose the gender of their child, there are pros and cons for both. We also need to take into consideration that there is no harm to the child nor the mother if they choose the gender. We are seeing more damage like child abuse, unable to bond and higher abortion rates due to not getting the gender of their preference.