woman holding baby while sitting on a fur bean bag

Apart from kids, it could be uncomfortable for anyone to leave their homes on rainy days. When kids stay indoors for long periods, they get bored easily. Boredom reduces the confidence and social skills of children. Parents, guardians, and yes, even full time nannies need DIY ideas to reduce the chances of boredom during rainy days. We have some examples of fun activities for children, and they are perfect for rainy days.

Toy-sorting Competition

Toy sorting isn’t just for experienced nannies, kids can do it too. Children’s’ developmental toys with soft textures like cushions can be fun to throw around the room. This act of throwing stuff around is how toddlers and pre-school children love to play. Rainy days are an ideal period to clean the mess of toys. Also, this sorting activity could be tiring and make them want to sleep. Adults can create incentive packages for kids that finish their sorting tasks quickly. This strategy ensures that children are eager to get empty baskets and stack their toys in record time.

A Time for Family Movies

Entertainment is not limited to space or time, and it often keeps the mind active. Rainy days can be inconvenient but are opportunities to enjoy special family moments. Hands-on guardians can select mum family movies and entertainment for children. Also, some home-made cookies, popcorn, snacks, and lemonade can add more fun to the moment.

Since it’s cold outside, set the central HVAC system to create a cozy ambience for your movie time. If the movies are not for kids to watch, the internet can be used for live streaming. With these options, you have an idea that beats the rainy day boredom.

Design Crayons

Some homeowners prefer to include architectural designs of indoor playrooms for kids. When this space is not available, the child’s or living room could make a good playground. Toddlers and older children need to be busy indoors during rainy and snowy days. Adults can help to organize indoor activities to entertain and challenge your child’s curiosity. A productive scientific experiment that children can try is to make crayons.

crayon arts and craft child close up

With old crayons, they can cut into smaller sizes and wrap in silicone moulds. This activity of making new crayons is easy but it takes some effort. Your kids can wrap with muffin tins instead of silicone gel. Before wrapping these old crayons, the paper around them should be removed. Place each of the wrapped crayons in the kitchen oven for about 20 minutes, and set the temperature at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Adults shouldn’t let children handle hot objects or use the oven unassisted. After baking, kids will have new crayons. For the full science behind the crayon making process, check out this extensive crayon making guide.

It’s Time for a Scavenger hunt

The game of scavenger hunt is a surefire way of keeping kids excited. It involves taking turns to hide treats or toys in boxes for children to discover. Adults can use packs of cookies, matchbox cars, and the Barbie collection to reward successful scavenger. During this game, children contest and behave like scavengers that are searching for their loot.

This indoor activity during rainy days involves applying fun decorating elements on cardboard boxes. Alternatively, a deck of colourful picture cards can serve as the scavenger’s loot. When each loot is found, the value of these cards could be summed up to know the winner. Guardians shouldn’t forget to reward the child with the most successful hunt.

Car Wash Activity

Apart from having fun by driving toy cars, children can wash them on rainy days. This car wash activity keeps kids busy and prepares them for more responsibilities in the future. Rainy and snowy days might keep kids indoors, but they are opportunities for learning hands-on tasks. Ask toddlers to gather all their washable toys, and wash inside the sink.