Healthy Locality

Finally, you’re getting a new home. A new place to live in. A new chapter in your life. You have the money, you have the design, interior and exterior, you know what fits in your budget, but the question is, what would be the best location?

Choose based on the lifestyle you want

Yes, sometimes that location factor confuses us as to where our new home should be. Some people enjoy the beauty of the countryside’s serenity. For some, they get their energy when they are in a busy world, so they choose the city. We are all different so choosing the best location is different for each type of person. For me, I’d prefer to be in the countryside. A place where you can still feel the morning breeze at 9:00 AM then stretch your hands wide open to embrace the wind and breathe in the fresh air.

For other people, they enjoy the city’s morning rush: a quick bath, quick preparation, quick travel to work. To keep the adrenaline going, a quick visit to a café for your favourite coffee. So, location will play a significant factor in your lifestyle, so choose based on the way of living that you want.

Always be cautious when you make your choice. In case your house has been attained via sale by owner, inquire as to why it has been put on sale. Are there any personal reasons why the owner decided to move? Perhaps, to a better locality? These factors help make your decision more tractable and long-term.


Consider Proximity and Accessibility

When choosing the location for our new home, also have to consider the following –

School, Work, and Recreation. I didn’t mention groceries because communities usually have nearby marts. If work is far from home, we can still consider that location if it’s accessible. What’s important is that you don’t spend much time travelling so can save them for things that matters most. If you have kids, or planning to have kids, you need to check the schools available in that location. The closer the school is, the safer it is for the kids. It’s also important that there is a recreational place that a family can visit. Once in a while, families need to be able to go out and bond together as they make good memories.


Check the neighbourhood

I understand that visiting the location is the instinct of people when choosing a location for their new home. However, most people just visit but don’t observe the neighbourhood. How do you feel about the neighbourhood? Does it have families that share similar interests and values with you? Is it a quiet neighbourhood? Or is it a busy one?

You may also need to check the street. It may prove to be inconvenient if we overlook few minor details which may seem innocuous at one glance. However, if your new home doesn’t have its own garage, is it possible for you to park your car outside? Is it accessible to the entrances and exits of the neighbourhood? Does it have sidewalks, for your stress buster breeze walks? Does it have proper lighting to ensure safety during the nights?


Make a checklist!

There are a lot of factors to be considered, so I suggest making a checklist so that you can weigh all of them. It’s a big decision to make, so you need to make sure you have gathered all the information you need to satisfy what you want and what you need. If you’re having second thoughts regarding your purchase and seem apprehensive with every following decision, then it’s best to sell your property and look for a better home in an even better locality. What’s important is, at the end of the day, once the decision has been made and you’ve moved in entirely, you need to find yourself in a place where you can unequivocally believe that there is no other place like your home you’d rather be in.